[Mediawiki-l] Install problems and deleteDefaultMessages.php (Bug 10862)

Brion Vibber brion at wikimedia.org
Mon Aug 27 16:32:31 UTC 2007

Jim Hu wrote:
> I just did my first install of 1.10.1 (most of my wikis are on 1.9.3)  
> and had MacOSX problems with the installer.  However, my usual fixes  
> didn't seem to work, and I wound up having to comment out the call to  
> deleteDefaultMessages.  I added a comment on bugzilla, but the bug  
> there is about linux and I wasn't sure how to change it to reflect  
> that I think it affects both linux and OSX.
> In fact, I suspect that the bug is related to any OS where localhost  
> doesn't work for the apache user via the net installer.

Doesn't work in what way?

>  My suspicion  
> is that somewhere in the installation, the installer is hardcoded to  
> use localhost instead of the host provided by the form...


> or it is  
> failing to reset the host from the form.  I'm not sure why this  
> doesn't fail until deleteDefaultMessages, though.

Fails in what way?

-- brion vibber (brion @ wikimedia.org)

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