[Mediawiki-l] Image Scaling on Upload?

Justin Morgan JMorgan at d2hawkeye.com
Tue Oct 3 15:56:24 UTC 2006

>Is there a quick and easy way to automagically re-size uploaded  
>images so they fit within some maximum size? If so, a quick "RTFM"  
>pointer is all I need.
>I have a bunch of folks with 8 megapixel cameras who want to upload  
>images. They aren't sophisticated enough to re-size their images.  
>They're used to flikr.com (et. al.) websites that simply deal with it.
>I can accept the one-time hit of the initial upload, but don't want  
>to have to re-size it every time a thumb is generated, or pump the  
>whole thing over every time someone clicks on a thumb.
>I have ImageMagik installed and working.
>Thanks for any thoughts or ideas!

Thumbnail generation is one-time.  When you generate a 100px thumbnail,
for example, it gets stored in

Subsequent requests for that image _at that size_ are served from this
cache.  It is safe to delete these files too, as they will be
regenerated if necessary.

As for clicking on the thumbnail and getting a resized version, I can't
help you.


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