[Mediawiki-l] Saving a page, much later

Arthur Guy Arthur at assys.net
Wed Mar 29 14:44:46 UTC 2006

I have found sessions time out if left for a while, the remember me
thing uses a cookie to log you in again when you move to another page,
this is obviously happening after the save process.
You may be able to adjust your php.ini file to increase the timeouts, or
I may be completely wrong about the whole process?

arthur at assys.net
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Vasiliadis, Thomas wrote:
> Do you work with authentification?
> Maybe your Session was terminatet by timeout or similar things
I assumed that since "Remember me" is selected, sessions would not 
timeout. When the user presses the save button, a preview is displayed. 
Just clicking save again will save the page without requiring a login...

So I wonder, what happens if someone else modified the same page during 
the day? Would the preview show the changes of both users? Would the 
middle user lose its changes?

jdd wrote:
> this is a bad idea, but it happens to me also :-(
I understand. I try to teach my users not to do that, but sometimes it's

more of a matter of writing a page, being distracted for several hours, 
then coming back to the computer and going "Woah, i should finish 
writing this."

Is there a mechanism in mediawiki to deal with such things? Does 
mediawiki check if changes have occured so that a conflict would occur 
and request the user to "merge" his own page along with the other page?


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