[Mediawiki-l] anyone using mafs/RSS extension?

Chris Earle cearle at cbltech.ca
Tue Mar 28 14:47:46 UTC 2006

Hey all,

I just wanted to follow up on this thing about access to RSS feeds by
extension scripts etc.

Thanks to Mr. Mafs, whose RSS extension is great

I had problems using the extension on my access restricted wiki -- here's
what I learned along the way to get it working.

Two things:
-- .htaccess security on your wiki will block the extension script from
grabbing the RSS feed
-- wgWhitelistRead in your Localsettings.php can be used to prevent
anonymous access to your wiki -- this WILL block extension scripts from
accessing articles/specialPages that aren't excepted in this variable -- so
I got it to work by adding Special:Recentchanges to this list

In the back of my head, my 'spider sense' is warning me of a security risk
there....but it works for me for now.  Thoughts on that respect anyone?

Just wanted to make some statements about my findings for the record ;-)



"Chris Earle (CBL)" <cearle at cbltech.ca> wrote
in message news:00cd01c63ee9$0a9ed000$6b01a8c0 at Chrisdev...
> Anyone using the mafs/RSS extension to parse RSS feeds?
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Mafs/RSS
> Should work like a charm, but thing is, I've got my entire wiki behind
> auth-basic (htaccess) protection.  I'm wondering if that's preventing the
> extension script from getting to the rss output (using to pull Recent
> Changes feed)?
> What makes me think that's the problem is that I can get it to work with
> outside public feed like from the BBC News or something. (I take this that
> magpie 0.72 is working fine, etc...)
> If I'm already cleared by apache or whatever because I'm already accessing
> the wiki, I guess that doesn't matter because the rss extension is on the
> server?  I need to allow it access or something?
> Any ideas/suggestions appreciated!
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> Chris Earle
> System Solutions Specialist
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