[Mediawiki-l] anyone using mafs/RSS extension?

Chris Earle (CBL) cearle at cbltech.ca
Fri Mar 3 17:36:38 UTC 2006

Anyone using the mafs/RSS extension to parse RSS feeds?

Should work like a charm, but thing is, I've got my entire wiki behind
auth-basic (htaccess) protection.  I'm wondering if that's preventing the
extension script from getting to the rss output (using to pull Recent
Changes feed)?

What makes me think that's the problem is that I can get it to work with an
outside public feed like from the BBC News or something. (I take this that
magpie 0.72 is working fine, etc...)

If I'm already cleared by apache or whatever because I'm already accessing
the wiki, I guess that doesn't matter because the rss extension is on the
server?  I need to allow it access or something?

Any ideas/suggestions appreciated!

Chris Earle
System Solutions Specialist

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