[Mediawiki-l] how do you actually debug the wiki stuff when the data is passed via POST?

Tels nospam-abuse at bloodgate.com
Sat Feb 11 15:47:17 UTC 2006

Moin Hugh,

On Friday 10 February 2006 19:08, Hugh Prior wrote:
> I am perfectly OK debugging a script which uses GET data, because the
> parameters are there on the command line. But how on earth do you use
> the Zend Development Environment to debug with POST data?
> e.g. the wiki uses the file "index.php" which does all the control and
> it takes POST data I don't see it of course on the URL. I cannot
> cut-and-paste the URL into the ZDE "Debug URL..." field.  If it was all
> done with GET (which of course it cannot be because of the size of the
> text) I could just copy the URL into the "Debug URL..." field like this
> "index.php?action=edit&usertext=somedummytext" and I'd be away.
> Sure, I could just hack at the $_POST global variable from an empty
> index.php call, but does anybody have a better way?
> I know this is more of a PHP question than a MediaWiki question, but
> anyone working on MediaWiki must have a good answer to this since ALL
> control is done via the POST.

You can download the "web developer toolbar" extension for FireFox, and 
use it to change POST forms to GET forms. (It has a ton of other usefull 
things for debuggin web apps, forms, CSS ad HTML and and and).


Hope this helps,


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