[Mediawiki-l] Re: Additions to QuickBar

Kate Turner keturner at livejournal.com
Sun Feb 13 04:15:24 UTC 2005

Jonathan Pennington wrote in gmane.org.wikimedia.mediawiki:

> Hi all,
> So, is xhtml_slim.pt gone in 1.4beta6? 

no, but it was renamed to MonoBook.pt.  additionally, it's not required
unless you really want to modify the TAL template; the shipped MonoBook.php
is the rendered version of the TAL file (and you can modify it without

> I wanted to add the sourceforge 
> and donation logos to the quickbar and was pointed to that file, which I
> can't actually find in the source. I've added the logos directly to
> MonoBook.php on line 180 before the last </div>, and that seems to work,
> but is that the correct way? 

you can do it like this.  alternatively, you can use the new (1.4)
$wgNavigationLinks configuration setting; see
doing it this way is more likely to not break when you upgrade (because you
don't need to modify any source files); however, it's slightly less

> Cheers,
> -John


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