[MediaWiki-announce] Security pre-release announcement: 1.29.2 / 1.28.3 / 1.27.4

Sam Reed reedy at wikimedia.org
Mon Nov 13 23:13:08 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Tomorrow we will be issuing a security release to all supported
branches of MediaWiki.

The new releases will be:

This will resolve 9 issues in MediaWiki core.

Fixes will be available in these respective release branches,
the currently unreleased 1.30.0 and also master. Tarballs will be
available for the above mentioned point releases as well.

1.28 was previously announced as end of life, but 1.28.3
will be the final security and maintenance release barring
any unforeseen issues.

This security release includes fixes for MediaWiki core.


Sam Reed

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