[Labs-l] NFS outage in progress [UPDATE]

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Thu Jun 18 14:39:30 UTC 2015

<Coren> To make things clear; the filesystem backing NFS has suffered from a catastrophic failure.  We are currently hard at work restoring a backup that dates from June 9 around 16h UTC.  We may be able to provide part of the data at the time of the crash, but it is not certain at this time.

no comment....  ---sigh---

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> Hi
> Am 18.06.2015 um 16:07 schrieb Petr Bena:
> > That is actually not that easy to decide on. The biggest community are
> > wikipedia readers. They don't really care about labs at all. Second
> > biggest community are editors, they don't care so much about labs
> > either.
> That's certainly not true. There are so many tools hosted on labs which 
> are used by non-techs (ie. "normal" editors) and also the bots have a 
> great impact if editors can do there work.
> > Developer community is not that big and most of money comes from
> > readers. If there was a way for donors to choose which part of
> > wikimedia project they would like to support with their money, I doubt
> > there would be many of them who would actually pick "labs".
> Furthermore, I think it is confusing to just consider the pure size of a 
> community. It is much more important to see what impact the people of a 
> community have. Wiki(p|m)edia editors have a great impact on the 
> Wikimedia movement and readers actually pay to support the guys making 
> this movement happen.
> So while it is important to make reading Wikipedia easy, it is also 
> important to help the editors as they are the ones which actually make 
> the content. Readers don't come to Wikipedia because there is a nice 
> MediaViewer or a nice VisualEditor but because there is interesting 
> content. This is the point we have to focus on.
> Best regards
> Bene
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