[Foundation-l] Show community consensus for Wikilove

Yaroslav M. Blanter putevod at mccme.ru
Sun Oct 30 19:22:27 UTC 2011

> When I spoke ''family'' I wanted to say we need a more likable system of
> communication. We need a real collaborative method, which not only fit
> the editions, but for the treatment of users too. We're a big family
> working for a common objective: a world in which every single human
> can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.
> Why we treat ourselves like co-workes when we have so many things in
> common? Why we have to be a firm when we could be friends who works
> together for the common good? Why not reduce the unnecessary bureaucracy
> among the editors communication with Wikilove? It's just a way to make
> Wikimedia projects friendly and really collaborative!

Just because often it contradicts efficiency. Some people come here to
make friends, other come to have the job done (some of them have an agenda,
and others just want indeed to increase the sum of knowledge). For me
personally, making friends sounds like opposite to efficiency, because I
care about quality first. I see from the discussions that there are people
like me. I also know there are many people unlike me, for whom the
collaborative aspect is more important than the result. This is fine with
me. I just do not want any universal decisions to be made under assumptions
that we are all alike. We are not.


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