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Mateus Nobre mateus.nobre at live.co.uk
Mon Oct 31 00:57:52 UTC 2011

Totally disagree with you, Yaroslav.

Do you really think a traditional (you know, traditional in Wikipedia equivalent to bureaucratic) communication and social system, friendship-free, at wikis reduces the efficiency? Why the friendship and camaraderie in editions and talk should reduce the efficiency of quality? Why working in a pleasant ambiete worse results. I think economists and business-men disagree with you.

For your e-mail I found that you are probably Russian. You probably have read Tolstoi, Anna Karênina. Using a literary example, Lievin, the landowner, greatly increased his profit by changing the method of work of his moujiks. The moujiks used to work in bad taste and bad-tempered when just followind orders in a bad envronment. When Lievin adopted a collaborative approach, when the moujiks could work without the several rules at a amicable environment, profits rose.
For Wikis is the same thing. Only the ideals are not enough. We have to have a friendly, a pleasant, a nice environment. We've to make the time of editions a good time to us. We've to smile editing Wikipedia. And know our work is important to the community, moral support. Wikilove make Wikipedia less a obligation and more a thing which we need every single day. This is the point.

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> Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 23:22:27 +0400
> From: putevod at mccme.ru
> Subject: Re: [Foundation-l] Show community consensus for Wikilove
> > When I spoke ''family'' I wanted to say we need a more likable system of
> > communication. We need a real collaborative method, which not only fit
> for
> > the editions, but for the treatment of users too. We're a big family
> > working for a common objective: a world in which every single human
> being
> > can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.
> > 
> > Why we treat ourselves like co-workes when we have so many things in
> > common? Why we have to be a firm when we could be friends who works
> > together for the common good? Why not reduce the unnecessary bureaucracy
> > among the editors communication with Wikilove? It's just a way to make
> the
> > Wikimedia projects friendly and really collaborative!
> Just because often it contradicts efficiency. Some people come here to
> make friends, other come to have the job done (some of them have an agenda,
> and others just want indeed to increase the sum of knowledge). For me
> personally, making friends sounds like opposite to efficiency, because I
> care about quality first. I see from the discussions that there are people
> like me. I also know there are many people unlike me, for whom the
> collaborative aspect is more important than the result. This is fine with
> me. I just do not want any universal decisions to be made under assumptions
> that we are all alike. We are not.
> Cheers
> Yaroslav
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