[Foundation-l] Is random article truly random

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Wed Oct 19 19:44:48 UTC 2011

On 19/10/2011 20:04, Béria Lima wrote:
> /me does.
> And here is why: 70% of the problem with a image stands in WHO IS SEEING IT.
> I'm from Brazil and in my country we even have 1 week festival - worldwide
> famous - for have several (like hundreds to thousands) of semi naked girls
> and boys dancing Samba.

And? Regardless of carnival Brazilian TV does not randomly show images 
of genital peircings in between childrens TV shows. Brazillian TV does 
not suddenly show images of women being ejaculated over, and nor will 
you find such images in school books. Nor do you get such images 
delivered in your morning papers.

> And here is the catch. You know what the Television comment on that? (yes,
> is in public television and pass from 9pm to  8 am during 4 days + a
> retransmission on a saturday afternoon ), the comments are: "Person X has a
> fantasy of YYY", "Girl Z praticed samba for 4 months to that, and she is
> dancing really good" or similar. I saw +15 festivals (before I was too young
> to be up at 10pm) and never saw as pornography.

I note that the TV shows the scenes after 9pm, or in other words they 
apply some filter on the content if only based on time.

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