[Foundation-l] Letter to the community on Controversial Content

Denis Barthel denis at denis.net
Thu Oct 13 08:52:35 UTC 2011

Am 13.10.2011 09:54, schrieb Hubert:
> Meanwhile, I prefer the following solution:
> Everyone, who will not understand and perceive the world so as it is,
> should unsubscribe his internet connection - just like his newspaper
> subscription, radio and television and - of course - any advertising on
> streets. And this individuals should deny any public schools for their
> children.

Some do.

Related to the filter I always remember a story Asaf Bartov wrote in the 
German Wikipedia-book. A young man, born in an ultraorthodox jewish 
movement, named "Gur". They denied him access to books and further 
education beyond elementary school level. He got the chance to access 
the internet, found Wikipedia and this encounter changed his life 

Two years later he is not only an active Wikipedian, but studying 
computer sciences and a well educated citizen. He experienced a mind 
shift. He found out, what power knowledge has and made use of it. 
Because he dared to step into it.

I doubt that a Wikipedia containing a system to exclude content by 
individual taste or belief will still have this sheer breathtaking 
energy. The loss of this energy would be a pretty high price for not 
seeing a cucumber used in an unconventional manner in the wrong place.

Maybe we should consider to promote daring.


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