[Foundation-l] Global ban - poetlister?

Aaron Adrignola aaron.adrignola at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 14:29:53 UTC 2011

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> Subject: [Foundation-l] Global ban - poetlister?
> What does it take for a global ban?
> Do you remember "Poetlister"? Aka Cato, aka Runcorn, aka Quillercouch, aka
> British Civil servant with various anti-social problems.  Multiple
> sockpuppeting, manipulation, lies, harassment, identity theft, acquiring
> checkuser and crat status on various projects. Banned from en.wp, banned
> from commons, banned even from wikisource.
> The same user is now opening editing on Wikiversity:
> http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Poetlister
> I'm genuinely shocked.
> I know projects value their independence, but really? Can this user simply
> wander round projects wreaking havoc? It seems that the only person evil
> enough to get globally banned is Greg Kohs - and as annoying as he is, he
> does not reach this level of fuckedup.
Glad you pointed out Thekohser.  I will point out that despite the use of a
global lock on the account (not vandalism/spam only [1]) several projects
have detached the local account from the global one through a double rename
by bureaucrats [2].  Projects do value their independence and will detach
accounts globally locked by stewards in cases where their ability to make
their own decisions has been infringed.  Wikiversity has done this for
several users globally locked.  No policy prohibits it.

[1] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Global_lock#Global_locks
[2] http://toolserver.org/~vvv/sulutil.php?rights=1&user=thekohser

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