[Foundation-l] Ban and moderate

Houston Navarro houstonnavarro at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 20:25:39 UTC 2010

Austin Hair, you have very recently publicly stated:  "Greg Kohs went beyond
being merely critical (which is welcome, and even encouraged) to the point
of being antisocial and counterproductive."

This is in follow-up to calling him "completely unable" to keep
contributions "civil".

In the past, David Gerard has insinuated that he is a "dick" on the list you
moderate.  Phoebe Ayers has hinted that "harassment" may be a problem of
his.  Neither member of the list has been publicly rebuked by any on your
moderating team, though their insinuations are offensive to us.

However, you were asked privately, and Samuel Klein as well, to please point
out what has been uncivil (and now "antisocial") about any of the last five
of Kohs' posts to the Foundation-l mailing list.  You have failed to respond
to that question.  Samuel has failed to respond to that question.

So, I ask here, what has been uncivil or antisocial about any of the most
recent five of Kohs' posts to Foundation-l?






This should take no more than 3 or 4 minutes of your time.  You refuse to
take that time, yet you find the time to label Kohs "antisocial" (which is
really quite comical, considering his expansive list of friends on

How many hours have already been wasted on Foundation-l, thanks to your
recent judgment?  How many more hours will be wasted as we move forward with
the next steps?  (You don't really think this is "over", do you?  Kohs will
likely return with sockpuppets on the mailing list.  He is relentless when
prodded.)  Or, you could just admit that you've made a mistake, apologize,
and then we all move on.  He's already gotten bored with Wikisource,
Wikibooks, and Wikiversity, where he's been unblocked -- and yet given
excellent free content before he faded off.


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