[Foundation-l] Liu Xiaobo

Fred Bauder fredbaud at fairpoint.net
Sat Oct 9 05:28:48 UTC 2010

> I want to get something clear here, however:  Is Liu Xiaobo a Wikimedia
> user and is it possible that he has been banned from zh.wikipedia?  If
> so, that is something legitimate to discuss here and continue this
> thread.  Certainly people of his stature have participated with editing
> Wikipedia in some capacity or another. Otherwise, this indeed was an
> inflammatory remark being made here.  The moderation certainly is
> reasonable.  Heck, I've been banned from other forums for stuff far less
> caustic than this and Peter hasn't even really been banned here.
> - Robert Horning

He's in prison in China. There is an article about him on the English


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