[Foundation-l] Liu Xiaobo

Nikola Smolenski smolensk at eunet.rs
Sat Oct 9 07:22:42 UTC 2010

Дана Saturday 09 October 2010 01:46:43 Fred Bauder написа:
> >> Well, do we actually prevent some viewpoint from being expressed
> >> adequately?
> >>
> >> How about a list?
> Well, it's not a promising start, but I have, for example heard a few
> complaints that the views of Lyndon LaRouche were not fully expressed,
> but of course, the problem is that some of them may not be notable. The
> views of the politboro of China are secret. I can't say we fall down
> there. Is there someone out there who is unable to edit due to having
> unpopular views?

Is this sarcastic? Of course, there are plenty of such people, and plenty of 
such viewpoints. I am unable to edit due to my unpopular views.

As for a list:

- Viewpoints of the right, especially extreme right (viewpoints of the extreme 
left are tolerated).

- Nationalist viewpoints that oppose US foreign politics, such as Russian or 
Serbian (nationalist viewpoints that are aligned with US foreign politics are 

- Culturally-specific viewpoints not known about in English-language 
discourse, for example that sterilization of humans or animals is morally 
repugnant (although this is less of a problem with Wikipedia and more with 
the fact that such views are not well-studied).

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