[Foundation-l] Third-party GFDL text irrevocably incompatible with Wikipedia as of August 1

Samuel Klein meta.sj at gmail.com
Thu May 28 05:50:57 UTC 2009

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 1:30 AM, Ray Saintonge <saintonge at telus.net> wrote:
> Newyorkbrad (Wikipedia) wrote:
>> The point I was making is that I expect people will continue importing
>> and exporting as per past practice with no attention given to the
>> issue and few people caring. From a legal point of view that's not
>> optimal, but I think it's highly likely.
> That's a reasonable expectation.  People who are not intimately involved
> with the arcana of licensing will just turn off and ignore the
> distinctions.  Others may just see the rush to get everyone changed the
> short period between WMF's adoption of this switch and the deadline date
> as an attempt by the big kid on the block to push its policies on others.

We should certainly take care not to push anyone.  I would be
delighted to see sites that do not wish to change sticking with the
GFDL - that's excellent, and it is a great license for people who use
it intentionally.  What I mind is sites realizing in half a year the
implications of Wikimedia's switch, and despising the effect it has
had on them, if they chose the GFDL (and perhaps put up with some of
its quirks) simply for WP compatibility.


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