[Foundation-l] What is on the back of the logo?

Jay Walsh jwalsh at wikimedia.org
Wed Jul 23 16:58:28 UTC 2008

Hi all - I'm also looking closely at this issue.  It's becoming necessary to A) 
fix the Hindi character on the left-hand side of the puzzle globe, and B) as 
Lennart is pointing out it's advantageous (and somewhat logical) to need a fully 
3D version of the globe for all sorts of needs.

I'm working with a colleague who is going to create a fully 3D version of the 
globe (as stage one) in blender.  I'd like to have a modeled version for the 
simple reason that we obviously want to build a globe for public display, and to 
have one here in the WMF offices.

Ideally with that version in blender we should be able to create completely 
accurate 2D versions for print/design work that will always be more consistent, 
vectorized, and easy to update/manipulate if necessary.

I'd be interested in hearing more about thoughts on further scripts.  It seems 
kind of obvious that we would continue the theme of 'w's in other languages on 
each of the pieces.

Jay Walsh
Head of Communications
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Michael Snow wrote:
> Guillaume Paumier wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 3:54 PM, Lennart Guldbrandsson
>> <wikihannibal at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Sorry for cross-posting this, but as Cbrown pointed out: not everybody reads
>>> the logo page on Meta.
>>> Anyway:
>>> Wikimedia Sverige <http://se.wikimedia.org/wiki/Huvudsida>, the Swedish
>>> chapter, are going to make a 3D version of the Wikipedia logo, a meter in
>>> diameter. But this means that we need to know what is on the puzzle pieces
>>> on the back of the globe. Which symbols are on the back?
>>> It seems that we should probably have some official answer to this - or we
>>> will have to improvise ourselves.
>> My guess is that there will be no « official » answer to your
>> question, simply because there is nothing on the back. Either « be
>> bold » or look at
>> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikimania_2007_Wikiball
> I would guess that the desire for an "official" answer has more to do 
> with simply going ahead. Since the project names and logos are in a 
> sense owned by the Wikimedia Foundation as trademarks, it would be nice 
> to have derivatives of them properly cleared. Please ask Sue or Mike 
> Godwin, but I don't expect it should be a big concern to have chapters 
> doing something like this.
> As for what actually goes there, since the original concept came out of 
> the community, it makes sense to me for the community to be the one to 
> extend it. Whether that's more language characters, project logos, or 
> something else is up to them, and may depend on what it's for. I can see 
> that sponsor logos could fit in the context of an event with those 
> sponsors, but it wouldn't be appropriate elsewhere. So anyone can come 
> up with an idea that fits their needs. We don't need a definitive 3D 
> version, I don't anticipate changing the "official" logo from the 
> two-dimensional one anytime soon.
> --Michael Snow
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