[Foundation-l] What is on the back of the logo?

Ting Chen Wing.Philopp at gmx.de
Tue Jul 22 15:16:08 UTC 2008

> Wouldn't it be better to continue symbols from different alphabets
> around the surface of the sphere? It might be good for the community
> to come up with or approve a complete 3D version of the Wikipedia
> globe. We can produce a 3D prototype using CAD software.
> As to which symbols: does the logo at present lack symbols from any
> major alphabet? It might be a good opportunity to make our logo better
> represent the communities Wikipedia includes.
> -- 
> Oldak Quill (oldakquill at gmail.com)

I just realized that we are talking about the Wikipedia-logo, and not the WikiMedia-logo. So to put the other logos on its back is not such a good ideal (though maybe as small symbols on the south pole just to signal their relations?).

Do anyone know which writing systems we already have on the logo?

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