[Foundation-l] misleading advice on oversight on wikizine

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 19:37:59 UTC 2008

Pedro is right, and so is Thomas. Linguistic imprecision doesn't constitute
a disagreement. The circumstances under which oversight should be used
haven't changed, the oversight policy hasn't changed and the use of
oversight should not be significantly effected by the limit on page
deletions. The only change could come from when revisions which should have
been oversighted were instead deleted - now, on huge pages, they must be
oversighted. Seems like the incidence here would be small on most wikis
following the oversight policy.

The language of the 'zine is exceedingly unclear even in the English version
quoted above. Whoever wrote it shouldn't be in charge of sending out any
sort of news in English. A clarification should probably issued by the
'zine, but since granting and using oversight hasn't itself changed there
shouldn't be a significant problem even with unclear guidance going out to
some people.


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