[Foundation-l] Report to the Board: A Partnership?

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On 01/02/2008, Sue Gardner <HYPERLINK
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> You may know that I send regular reports to the Wikimedia board.
> Starting this month, I'm going to experiment with sending them here as
> well.


Thanks for the report Sue. 

I’m noting * We announced a partnership with the Collaborative Creativity
Group at 
UNU-MERIT to conduct the first-ever comprehensive Wikimedia survey”.

That the survey site was up. HYPERLINK

And that the unu’s collaborative creative group “examine the mechanisms that
enable people and companies to innovate together”

HYPERLINK "http://ccg.merit.unu.edu/"http://ccg.merit.unu.edu/


You will be aware that the UNU is one member of the Open CourseWare
consortia, which has the same aims as the WMF, without the global approach.
Each member does their own thing, and hosts their own free courses on their
own free site. They have a short list of the OCW sites they know about on
their OCW site. HYPERLINK "http://ocw.unu.edu/"http://ocw.unu.edu/. My
friends at the UK’s Open Uni will be disappointed. 


I’m mentioning this now as you’ve just become one of the first CEO’s of an
OCW-type initiative to lead here by “just doing it”. I always like to note
where the seeds (of a new interactive culture) are planted. Would you, while
you’re herding cats in San Fran, give some consideration to what may happen
if WMF was to share a project and forum with the ccg and its OCWC members? 


The ccg and its peers have got a problem you see. “UNU-MERIT has pioneered
the use of surveys and other tools to understand the behaviour of Free/Open
Source Software such as Linux and Firefox”. They want to understand “the
behaviour of software”.  Whereas many of us unwashed want to understand what
may happen if OCWC members begin to gain an understanding of WMF’s
communities’ aspirations. And for that to happen they’ll just have to start
a new WMF project. Perhaps you might encourage them might start a small one
at Wikiversity. You’ll be aware there are research teams down there who are
looking for their peers. HYPERLINK


Regards, simonfj

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