[Foundation-l] Returning to Foundation-L

Mike Godwin mgodwin at wikimedia.org
Fri Feb 1 19:41:36 UTC 2008


Hi, Wikimedians.

Michael Snow has persuaded me to return to Foundation-L, and his  
arguments have enough merit that I've decided to give the list another  

I should add at the outset that I actually do take frivolous  
comparisons to Nazis or the Holocaust quite seriously -- I think  
joking about either subject tends to trivialize a very traumatic  
historical period, and I think we're better off remembering that  
period with a great deal of consideration and seriousness.  I  
originally left this list because I felt that almost any response I  
might make to such a comparison was complicit in such trivialization,  
and I didn't want to be complicit.

That said, I am of course willing to be myself the object of joking  
and abuse on this list, which is probably as it should be.


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