[Foundation-l] Confidentiality agreement with FSF

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Tue Apr 15 18:01:59 UTC 2008

Thomas Dalton wrote:
>> There are many reasons for people to respect the confidentiality of
>>  discussions other than being forced to by an NDA.  I consider this to be
>>  so blindingly obvious that my mind was boggling as to what you could
>>  possibly have meant.
> People that aren't working for an organisation that's supposed to be
> as transparent as possible, sure. That's not the case here. The WMF
> should not be keeping anything from the community unless they
> absolutely have to.
I'm getting the impression that you are mixing up your controversies 
between Erik's Non-Disclosure of FDL 1.3 proceedings, and the 
Non-Disparagement aspects of the last Board meeting report. 

I can understand the need to maintain confidentiality in negotiations, 
and I have no dispute with that in its own right.  The problem is with 
the inevitable conflict of interest that arises from the situation.  
This is not to say that the existence of such a conflict is necessarily 
culpable, but that one must be careful to prevent responsibilities to 
one side influence one's activities on the other.


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