[Foundation-l] [EWW] Edit Wikipedia Week

Benji benji.wiki at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 19:29:38 UTC 2007

    On 20/11/2007, Christophe Henner <christophe.henner at gmail.com> wrote:
>     > Dear community,
>     >
>     > Few days ago a pretty neat idea was proposed, an idea which could
>     > involves all of the community members, all of you: the "Edit Wikipedia
>     > Week". That week will take place from December 3 to 8, 2007 and the
>     > concept is pretty simple: you, as a community member, will have the
>     > chance to spread the word about how to edit Wikipedia or learn how to
>     > work on one of the other sister projects.

    Yeah you might want to think about your wording there. We built this
    wiki and yet only now do we have the chance to tell other people how
    to edit? What do you think we have been doing for the last few years?


>     >We want it to be a worldwide
>     > event, and why not, transforming it into an annual event.

    Because either it will have minimal impact or you didn't budget for
    enough database servers.


>     > Everyone can be involved in helping to stage a bunch of "Edit
>     > Wikipedia Week" events during that week.

    That's nice of you.


>     > The events can be practically anything ? big or small.

    That's nice of you.


>     >It doesn't
>     > matter how simple they seem to be, everything counts.

    Um you are talking to wikipedians here please respect their intelligence.


>     > discuss the different uses of the WikiPolicies to a
>     > group of regular users you know in your place,

    You said you wanted this to be an annual event.


>     > Spread knowledge. Spread the Wiki love.  :) 

    Oh dear.


>     > Please translate this mail as much as you can, and spread it all
>     > around you.

    Would that include "which could involves"? If the signpost can find
    someone to turn my writing into conventional English I'm sure you can
    find someone you could run your email past.

    There are many ways to motivate the community. Sugar coated
    condescension isn't one of them.

    -- geni

    Thanks for your very constructive behaviour, geni. That's probably
    the best way to make the projects go forward.


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