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Johannes Rohr jorohr at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 19:12:07 UTC 2007

GerardM <gerard.meijssen at gmail.com>

> Hoi,
> I am quite happy to have anyone have their say. I am equally happy not to
> have a vote. When you say that there was unanimous support, you are wrong. I
> have and Mark have expressed our opposition and we both had our own
> arguments. 

I said there was, as far as I can see, unanimous support *by native*
*speakers*. I think I made that more than clear enough.

You present your position as a defense of a right, i.e. the right to
use a specific writing system. Now, a writing system makes only sense
in connection with a language. And as the discussions have indicated
quite strongly, the potential right-holders, those who do speak the
language in question, do not seem to give a damn about this right. So,
whose rights are you defending?

> When I make the point that voting is a flawed instrument, I do not
> vote. Your suggestion that this equates with no one being against is
> is wrong given the massive amount of arguments that have been
> spilled on it.

So are you saying that you do not oppose the closure of mo.wiki? That
you oppose only the process? If so, you are contracting
yourself. Else, this is just hair-splitting to me.

> When your sense of tidiness is offended by blocked projects,

Not only mine is. The issue with the unfixable interwiki conflicts was
actually brought up by folks from the Russian Wikipedia who, while
expressing their delight at the deletion of ru-sib, pointed to the
fact that mo continues to be a problem in that respect..

> you have to realise that opening it up is in this case not
> unreasonable and it is certainly an alternative to deletion.

Well sure. I just cannot see any use in having it open..

> Do you assert that every project should have a community that
> includes native speakers ??

Well, for Esperanto, Lojban, Old Church Slavonic and Interlingua I
wouldn't insist. And there might be cases of African indigenous
languages, where there are simply no native speakers with net access
and the necessary technical skills, so that non-native speakers may
act as stewards until the situation improves. However, in this very
case, there is a large online community of speakers of the language in

A situation in which all original contributions come from
editors who have been attested utterly insufficient command of
Romanian/Moldovan by native speaker seems just bizarre to me.

> Are you prepared to accept the consequences of this position ?


I'm certainly not prepared to bear the consequences of a position,
which is not mine.



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