[Foundation-l] Moderation of email addresses (was Re: Live mirrors)

Michael Snow wikipedia at att.net
Thu May 31 06:00:35 UTC 2007

Michael Bimmler wrote:
> Okay...wait.
> It is very bad style to use another emailaddress to circumvent
> moderation, whatever the content of your message is.
> This is not acceptable. You could have submitted the message with the
> old account and I would have approved it, as there is nothing
> objectionable in it.
> But using another emailadress to prevent this? No way.
I believe Anthony had agreed to use a different email address because 
several people complained that his previous one was confusing. This 
should probably be allowed. I don't know whether he was thinking about 
the moderation of his messages, but if moderation is still deemed 
appropriate, it should be easy enough to apply it to the new address and 
treat the one-time circumvention as inadvertent.

--Michael Snow

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