[Foundation-l] Moderation of email addresses (was Re: Live mirrors)

Michael Bimmler mbimmler at gmail.com
Thu May 31 11:39:31 UTC 2007

On 5/31/07, Michael Snow <wikipedia at att.net> wrote:
> Michael Bimmler wrote:
> > Okay...wait.
> > It is very bad style to use another emailaddress to circumvent
> > moderation, whatever the content of your message is.
> > This is not acceptable. You could have submitted the message with the
> > old account and I would have approved it, as there is nothing
> > objectionable in it.
> > But using another emailadress to prevent this? No way.
> I believe Anthony had agreed to use a different email address because
> several people complained that his previous one was confusing. This
> should probably be allowed. I don't know whether he was thinking about
> the moderation of his messages, but if moderation is still deemed
> appropriate, it should be easy enough to apply it to the new address and
> treat the one-time circumvention as inadvertent.

Confirmed, I talked to Anthony about it and it was seemingly a
good-faith change (he thought, that all new email adresses would be
moderated per default anyway).

Sorry for the accusations, I withdraw them.

It really looked as if it was an attempt to circumvent a moderation
(which is not unheard of either...). I thought that if he had wanted
to just change the address, he would have changed the address in the
options instead of subscribing with a new one.

Anyway, nothing to see here, move on...


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