[Foundation-l] Rethinking brands

Alison Wheeler wikimedia at alisonwheeler.com
Wed May 9 23:01:10 UTC 2007

On Wed, May 9, 2007 23:43, Walter Vermeir wrote:
> But who are the wikis that costs all the money? That must be EN
> Wikipedia and the rest of the top 5 or 6 wikipedias and commons.

That is quite probably true *at the moment*

> The others wikis may have not a lot fund raising power but the do not
> need it because the are so small.

That is a self-fulfilling prophecy though which I am sure you, like me and
most everyone else, would seek to do what is required to make it a false
statement. We don't want them to be small but to benefit from a greater
awareness of the whole.

I'm not saying that we should go down a route of changing everything from
'm' to 'p' but it would clearly help us to refine the brand images we
promote and display to *readers* and help us to generate a greater and
more stable income that benefits the whole range of projects. And yes, the
attitudes and beliefs of editors clearly matters, but editors are a very
small percentage of the beneficiaries of our intention to make our
services freely available to all the world.

On another point, frankly the name of whichever project I might be
contributing to is the *least* important thing that energises me and,
frankly, I think that the way some people have suggested that editors
would cease to contribute en masse to a particular project should its name
change is completely wide of the mark.

Alison Wheeler

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