[Foundation-l] Trying to edit wikipedia on request Result: Strange arbcom ruling on nl.wikipedia, 1 month blocked

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Sun May 6 22:15:25 UTC 2007

After months of people asking me on IRC, in mail on my Talkpage etc.  if 
I would please please please contribute again to nl.wikipedia I decided 
to give it a try and started redoing some Thai provinces. Since I had 
stopped editting last year no-one had any interest in those articles. 
The only edits besides mine are "pimp my article edits" like cats and 
replacing the texts without any information adding! On average 50 edits 
like this per article! And no knowledge added!

Within 2 hours I was mobbed by 3 users, with whom I have had conflicts 
previously and who stalk me on talkpages, who feel that the appearance 
of an article is more important than what is in it. I have a number of 
fans on nl.wikipedia who take turns in following me everywhere, or do 
groupattacks. This is why I decided to stop contributing knowledge in 
october last year as it was of no use. These people are in no way 
interested in the subjects I write about, but are more interested in 
attacking and harassing me and stopping me from contributing. Sadly 
enough I can only edit if I edit under another name. I have been 
requested multiple times by users on IRC to start editing under another 
wikinick. It is said that this has to be.

The conflict resulted in a block which saw one of those 3 blocked for 1 
hour and me for 3 days. This was later adjusted to me for 6 hours which 
was doubled again when I editted through TOR to protest the double 

After this I was and still am so sickened by the way wikipedia and ALL 
wikimedia projects have become that I decided to stop editting on April 

Today I got an email from someone telling me I am now blocked for a 
month! It seemed that while I was away a procedure against me was started.

I was not heard on anything, nor was I asked to give my view of anything 
that had happened! If you try someone someone gets a chance to defend 
themselves don't they?

And now comes worst.

I was "sentenced" to a monthlong block for editting through proxies. But 
no one told me I was sentenced! Someone who disagreed with the block 
mailed me. 2 weeks after THE BLOCK.

This is a really odd procedure.

You trial someone without giving him a DEFENCE
and you sentence him
but don't tell him of the sentence!


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