[Foundation-l] Trying to edit wikipedia on request Result: Strange arbcom ruling on nl.wikipedia, 1 month blocked

jeroenvrp jeroenvrp at xs4all.nl
Mon May 7 17:30:49 UTC 2007

Hello Waerth and all other readers,

I will clarify some misinformation Waerth is giving you about the Dutch 
language Wikipedia ArbCom. I will not give any further details about the case 
and I am not going to discuss the outcome of the case either.

Op maandag 7 mei 2007, schreef Walter van Kalken:
> Today I got an email from someone telling me I am now blocked for a
> month! It seemed that while I was away a procedure against me was started.

This has been posted on your talk page by the user Effeietsanders and by the 
ArbCom-member Berendvd.

> I was not heard on anything, nor was I asked to give my view of anything
> that had happened! If you try someone someone gets a chance to defend
> themselves don't they?

This is incorrect. We have sent you an e-mail to your Yahoo addres on April 22 
with a request to talk about the issue. Unfortunately there was no response. 
The decision about the case was on April 27.

> I was "sentenced" to a monthlong block for editting through proxies. But
> no one told me I was sentenced! Someone who disagreed with the block
> mailed me. 2 weeks after THE BLOCK.

The decision was indeed not given on your talkpage. It is the official 
procedure also to post on the talk pages of the users involved in the 
conflict, this was forgotten, not also on your page, but also on the talk 
pages from the other users involved. Fortunately the decision was posted on 
the page
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Arbitragecommissie/Zaken/Waerth_vs_Erik_Baas , 
that was given to you on tour talk page earlier.

Apologies for the fact that we forgot to mention the decision on your talk 

medewerker, moderator en arbcom-lid nl.wikipedia.org

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