[Foundation-l] Election Notice

Timichal timichal at timichal.net
Sat May 5 18:14:57 UTC 2007

Jan-Bart de Vreede wrote:
> Dear members of the community,
> As most of you know we will be holding elections for the Wikimedia 
> Foundation Board of Trustees in the near future. Your elected 
> representatives Erik Möller (Eloquence), Kat Walsh (Mindspillage) and 
> Oscar van Dillen (Oscar) all have terms that expire on July 1st 2007. We 
> will therefore hold elections for these three seats in the coming months.
> As a nominated member of the Board of Trustees it has been decided that 
> I will be the person who will be the contact for these elections within 
> the Board. But the real process will be guided by an "election 
> committee". Amongst other things, the Election Committee will discuss 
> and explore::
> 1) revisions to the election method and process
> 2) limiting organizational access to ongoing election records
> 3) technological measures to improve voting security.
> At this time I would like to ask any interested volunteers to submit a 
> brief summary of qualifications to volunteering at wikimedia.org.  This 
> summary should consist of your username, list of active projects, real 
> name and a paragraph or two explaining the skills that you feel would 
> benefit the foundation in the elections process. The deadline for 
> applications is the end of Sunday the 13th of May (UTC).
I suppose members of the committee have to be 18+ because of their IP 
checking abilities?

Michal Zlatkovsky

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