[Foundation-l] Language Prevention Committee created

Andre Engels andreengels at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 11:05:05 UTC 2007

2007/3/27, GerardM <gerard.meijssen at gmail.com>:

> The result would be like it was before that an increasing number of
> projects
> are not supported with a language message file. There are two parts to
> this
> problem; MediaWiki is not only used by Wikipedia and MediaWiki is not only
> used by the Wikimedia Foundation. Creating a message file for a language
> is
> a job that does not take long. It needs doing.

But does it need doing before anything else is done?  If people are happy to
work in a strange interface, why not let them? And if they HAVE made an
interface, as you say 2 languages have already been bullied by you into
doing, then why not simply use that? All it takes is someone with SVN access
to upload it, no?

Once a new project IS started, a message file HAS to be created. The
> difference is that the moment when the message file is created is moved
> forward. The difference is that a new language has to be supported like
> any
> other language. It is not acceptable that new languages are getting a
> substandard service.

Apparently it is more acceptable to you to not give it any service at

Every language is to be treated equal; at this moment some languages are
> more equal then others.

And I don't see how you are improving on this situation by not allowing the
languages a place in Wikipedia at all.

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