[Foundation-l] Meeting in Belgrade

oscar van dillen oscarvandillen at wikimedia.org
Sat Mar 24 23:35:14 UTC 2007

On 3/24/07, Filip Maljkovic <dungodung at gmail.com> wrote:

Unlike the previous meeting, that was in
> December 2006, we plan to talk a about some more serious issues within
> Wikimedia projects

good stroopwafeltjes filip, rofl!

you mean you did not take my talks in december seriously after all??
apart from mine there were some other remarkably serious talks as well which
i appreciated very much btw ;-)

all joking aside: good initiative too btw, i sincerely recommend belgrade
and the wikimedians living there or in the surrounding countries to all!
(not sure if i myself can be there this time, i probably have a concert
then, but i wish i could...)


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