[Foundation-l] Censorship: Speedy deletion of porn articles

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Thu Mar 8 20:54:12 UTC 2007

Yonatan Horan wrote:

>I strongly resent your reply. It seems like you have some similar issues
>with Pokemon articles and that's the reason you lashed out the way you did.
>The reason I raised this issue on this mailing list is not because of some
>misplaced sense of outrage. The incident I was talking about took place two
>months ago and the only reason I mentioned it was to fully disclose any
>relevant information so other people don't come on here later on and say
>that the only reason I'm bringing this issue to the attention of others is
>due to a vendetta against the Hebrew Wikipedia or something of the sort.
>This isn't about me trying to provoke anything. It's about a certain group
>of admins ignoring the fact that speedy deletion of porn articles was never
>passed as a policy on hewp (and there is more than one sysop who can attest
>to this). As I said previously, I don't have any particular interest in porn
>and the fact that I've never edited an article that has anything to do with
>this topic on the english wikipedia supports that. Ron Jeremy and Jenna
>Jameson are both notable enough to have their own article on any wikipedia,
>whether it be English, Hebrew or Malaysian. Attempts have been made to
>resolve this issue "in-house" have failed, otherwise I wouldn't have posted
>it to this mailing list. I can't find the specific meta page at the moment
>but it isn't English Wikipedia only policy that wikipedia isn't censored. If
>the german wikipedia decided to delete all articles regarding Nazi Germany,
>etc. would you have reacted the same way? Or maybe if the Chinese Wikipedia
>decided to ban all articles on the issue of democracy? I hope you rethink
>your response and maybe try not to treat me as a troll when I really am not
Perhaps you should make these arguments to the folks running the Hebrew 
Wikipedia? How about
posting articles about famous Hebrew porn stars? See if that flies. 
Would be a good test of what you say.
I do respect the Hebrew Wikipedia stance on this topic and standing up 
for their culture. I have to agree
with that community. You should take your arguments back there.

Ask nicely to be let back on and see where it goes.



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