[Foundation-l] Moderation and this list

Dmcdevit dmcdevit at cox.net
Fri Dec 21 18:00:56 UTC 2007

Dan Rosenthal wrote:
> Foundation-l, the mailing list nobody can edit for the encyclopedia  
> everyone can?
I'm not sure what encyclopedia (or *cough* other Wikimedia project) 
you're editing, but all the ones I edit are /more/ moderated than this 
and other lists. In fact, I think that's what they gave you and I the 
admin buttons for.
> If we're going to get on the topic of censoring mailing lists, we  
> should deal with Wiki-en-l first, THEN foundation-l. 

I'm sorry, but asking for civility and an end to mean-spirited or 
combative behavior is not the same as "censoring." I would expect a 
hardened administrator like you to be immune from such irrational leaps 
of logic and not create these strawmen. There shouldn't even be a 
question here. There is a huge portion of the community that is severely 
turned off to this list and other discussions at this level because of 
net-negative personalities that are tolerated, and we ought to try to 
fix that.


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