[Foundation-l] Welcome Sue !

Nathan Awrich nawrich at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 21:57:49 UTC 2007

If I had to decide which set of statements is more poisonous (and
pointless) I'd run with Kelly Martin's. Invective seems to be her
style, and I guess as she's found it hasn't been very productive in
achieving her goal (whatever that may be). On the other hand, she has
got all kinds of sources! Each post apparently has a whole set of
secret sources! (At least three this time, but maybe more?) Anonymous
sources, who also post to her blog anonymously... Was this the irony
she was referring to?

On the other hand, regarding private lists - have you considered
making the community lists publically viewable but only allowing the
specific group of people you've identified to post? By community lists
I mean lists with contributors who aren't officially connected to or
bound by WMF. Internal communications, in keeping with the standard
corporate meaning, should include people internal to the actual
organizational structure who are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Just in general terms, anything you say to a semi-public audience will
eventually leak - better to just address the public audience first,
and say only what you wouldn't mind everyone hearing. And when Kelly
comments, don't feed.


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