[Foundation-l] Discussions...

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 19:22:42 UTC 2007

> Uh, no. You're misunderstanding something here. This is not "One
> individual or a small group of people decides what he/they want to
> talk about and the rest of the list should please either ignore
> him/them or desubscribe". This is rather "The list as a whole decides
> what it wants to talk about and individuals should either abide by
> this or desubscribe".

No, this is you and a handful of people you've spoken to being bored
of a discussion and wanting people to cater to their needs when they
could quite easily just stop reading the thread. The list as a whole
has clearly not decided they don't want to talk about this, since the
discussion would have spontaneously ended if it had. Let's not allow
the confusion over the definition of "consensus" that reigns over at
RFA to take hold here. One individual that is willing to stand up and
object is enough to stop a consensus from existing.

I think what you actually means is that the majority should be able to
shut up the minority. That's a very bad road to start down, especially
when you have no real way of knowing how many people support each
point of view.

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