[Foundation-l] [cc-licenses] Requirements for a strong copyleft license

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Sun Dec 2 07:10:51 UTC 2007

On Sat, 1 Dec 2007, Mike Linksvayer wrote:

> Erik Moeller wrote:
>> From _my_ point of view, the key requirements are:
>> * It should apply to any type of embedded media, i.e. not limited just
>> to photos embedded into text;
>> * It should, in principle, be very similar to the CC-BY-SA license,
>> except for its provision on "Collections";
>> * It should be adaptable to as many legal frameworks as possible;
>> * IMPORTANT - I believe it should allow mixing of similar licenses,
>> e.g. CC-BY-SA into BSD -- the Definition of Free Cultural Works
>> endorsed by Wikimedia could be a guideline as to which licenses can be
>> mixed: http://freedomdefined.org/Definition
> I like all of your points, including the last one, but it is a little
> unclear.  I think what you mean is that for "embedded" uses, the
> containing document should have to be under a free license, not
> necessarily a compatible copyleft license.  This would address use of
> copyleft images on Wikinews (CC BY), for example.
>> I would like to kickstart the discussion to get a first for such a
>> license - it could be called CC-BY-SA+ - written as soon as possible.
>> :-)

Erik, great points and suggestions.

> I don't know why yet another class of license would be needed --
> presumably it could be the next version of CC BY-SA.

Mike, this would be fantastic.  One of my concerns with the current
CC BY-SA is that any time I feel like using such a license, I really
want sharealike to mean "derivatives must grant at least the freedoms/ 
rights granted by BY-SA, and pass on this clause"... to allow for the 
derivs to be BY / PD / &c.


>> Perhaps we should have a dedicated mailing list where stakeholders
>> from multiple projects can discuss it?
> You're welcome to use cc-licenses.  If another list is used I'll
> encourage CC's jurisdiction project leads to join in there.
> Mike
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