[Foundation-l] [cc-licenses] Requirements for a strong copyleft license

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Sun Dec 2 02:41:43 UTC 2007

Erik Moeller wrote:
> (This is a posting to multiple lists.)

NB one of the lists, cc-licenses, is moderated.  I'll approve anything 
related to the development of a CC license, and be fairly lenient about 
what "related" means in this discussion, but really off-topic posts will 
not be approved.

We want to make it possible for all interested parties to participate in 
development of CC licenses, and super high volume is not conducive to 
that end. :)

See http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-licenses/2007-October/006193.html

> From _my_ point of view, the key requirements are:
> * It should apply to any type of embedded media, i.e. not limited just
> to photos embedded into text;
> * It should, in principle, be very similar to the CC-BY-SA license,
> except for its provision on "Collections";
> * It should be adaptable to as many legal frameworks as possible;
> * IMPORTANT - I believe it should allow mixing of similar licenses,
> e.g. CC-BY-SA into BSD -- the Definition of Free Cultural Works
> endorsed by Wikimedia could be a guideline as to which licenses can be
> mixed: http://freedomdefined.org/Definition

I like all of your points, including the last one, but it is a little 
unclear.  I think what you mean is that for "embedded" uses, the 
containing document should have to be under a free license, not 
necessarily a compatible copyleft license.  This would address use of 
copyleft images on Wikinews (CC BY), for example.

> I would like to kickstart the discussion to get a first for such a
> license - it could be called CC-BY-SA+ - written as soon as possible.
> :-)

I don't know why yet another class of license would be needed -- 
presumably it could be the next version of CC BY-SA.

> Perhaps we should have a dedicated mailing list where stakeholders
> from multiple projects can discuss it?

You're welcome to use cc-licenses.  If another list is used I'll 
encourage CC's jurisdiction project leads to join in there.


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