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Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Thu Aug 16 22:18:01 UTC 2007

Brad Patrick schreef:
> Well put, Delphine.
> Others will look at this again, but there are no zero-cost financial
> collection systems.  Moving money costs money.  Period.

It is not universally free to all but i comes close;

Money transfers from one European Union bank account to an other EU bank
account is the same price inside the EU for all country's as a national
transfer inside a member state is.

In practice that means the transfer is free of charge or very cheap
deepening of your bank or the way that you give the order (often a
transfers by paper order needs to be paid, by internet is free).

A donation made by EU bank transfer of 1 euro is 1 euro that the WMF
actually get.
A donation made by paypal of 1 euro is 0,62 euro that the WMF actual gets.

The WMF has now for years an EU bank account. It gets donations but not
a lot. I think that is for a large part because paypal is more easy, at
least if you have a credit card and are willing to use it online.

For paypal people can click on a few buttons and the have made the
donation.   For a bank transfer the need to go to there bank website and
make a transfer like the would pay there electricity bill.

The Paypal system makes an impulsive donation possible, bank transfer is
a like a bill you pay, it is not a decision you make in a moment.

Every donation made by a cheap system is extra money for the WMF that
can used. But every donation lost because people do not
trust/know/understand the payment system or gives them time to think
about what the are doing will cost the WMF even more money.

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