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2007/4/25, Anthony <wikilegal at inbox.org>:

> Kinda sorta a little.  But, most importantly, it should be a counter
> instead of a flag.  This would make it reasonable to open it up to
> more than just admins.

Actually, on Dutch Wikipedia it is currently open, and to all logged
in users (existing more than 4 days, I think).

> I was also thinking of something which didn't require clicking on
> "mark this as patrolled".  Simply viewing a diff would increment the
> counter, if you're a member of the examiners (at the least this would
> be restricted to logged in users, but more likely require users to
> have been around for a while and have a lot of edits).  I guess this
> introduces both an implementation problem and a privacy issue, a list
> would have to be kept of which users viewed the diff, at least until
> the counter maxed out, maybe at 10 users.

I would not be a great proponent of this. It sometimes happens when I
patrol that I have doubts but am not in the ideal position to check
them. In those cases I find it useful to be able to say "I will keep
this unchecked and leave the problem for someone else".

An improvement that I would very much like to see is that one gets the
information whether an edit has been patrolled, and the option to
patrol an edit, also when getting the diff from the page history
instead of the recent changes. Another improvement would be to be able
to get a patrol button from a diff between two versions, marking all
edits between those two versions as patrolled. Finally there has been
a call by several people on nl: to add a functionality to admin
rollback that automatically flags the edit(s) rolled back as

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