[Foundation-l] Does "free content" exist in France?

Birgitte SB birgitte_sb at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 18:07:35 UTC 2007

--- Delphine Ménard <notafishz at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'll add that moral rights are not only recognized
> in the
> English-speaking world, but basically in at least
> the whole western
> world. France being one among many countries (yeah,
> I didn't like
> France being singled out in the subject :P)

I agree; these rights are recognized to some degree
about everywhere that honors Berne.  Of course the US
is significant example of a juristiction not honoring
this part of Berne.  I wasn't meaning to pick on
France, but I was completely certain what I was saying
was true for France.  Whereas I believe is it also
true in Germany and most of the EU, I am not sure
which juristictions allow these rights to waived.  I
know for certain that France takes the hard line on
the issue, so that makes the best example.

Birgitte SB

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