[Foundation-l] Policy governance ends

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Thu Apr 19 18:48:51 UTC 2007

Besides the fact that you show clearly that you are not collaborative at 
all  Danny, and that this clearly shows how well you are suited to 
collaborate with a team of foundation board members ... I am wondering 
about a fact:
> We 
> are a vast internet business, and Florence, our CEO, is roughly the  equivalent 
> of the CEO of Amazon, of Ebay, or Google. 
Uhmmm .... what a sentence ... Florence is the Chair of the board. The 
interim CEO was Brad ... now may I ask you: what did you do the whole 
time in your office if you did not even note this neat difference 
between a chair of a board and a CEO and who does what job?

The WMF is looking for a CEO ... well I don't know everything about the 
organisational issues of the foundation - that is impossible if you 
don't work at the foundation level, but I know the difference between 
the Chairman (woman :-) and the CEO ... so: where have you been when 
these people were appointed for their respective jobs?

And: since you were so attentive to understand that Anthere is the CEO 
(well she is not really) ... how well can you know all that what you 
claim to know? Sorry, but getting such basic things wrong and then 
saying you are the big guy ... that somewhat doesn't match ... are you 
sure you remember all really well?

Sorry for that so stupid questions ...


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