[Foundation-l] Adminship tools on Commons

Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Sat Apr 14 21:11:52 UTC 2007

Titoxd at Wikimedia wrote:
> I'm trying to understand what you mean by "GUI messages". You mean
> customized wiki messages, or the list of messages on the PHP file? Because
> the MediaWiki namespace is essentially the PHP message file on the wiki,
> plus any added customizations. The default messages are editable on PHP
> language files through SVN/bugzilla and on the wiki; the customized messages
> are editable only on the wiki. The default messages can be modified to
> reflect the customizations through a not-difficult procedure involving
> [[Special:Allmessages]]. 	

MediaWiki is robust but not very fast system, I am not sure now much is 
impact on performance but surely is better to keep real set of messages 
in base php file.

But in this case it was important public access to the file. I don't understand Hebrew language but i look into file and it was looking like it is fully translated, how good I don't know.


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