[Foundation-l] Adminship tools on Commons

Yonatan Horan yonatanh at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 20:40:58 UTC 2007

Most if not all MediaWiki messages are translated in the MessagesHe.php file
anyway so there's no need for SVN access. The translation being talked about
here is Commons-specific translation.

On 4/14/07, Titoxd at Wikimedia <titoxd.wikimedia at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to understand what you mean by "GUI messages". You mean
> customized wiki messages, or the list of messages on the PHP file? Because
> the MediaWiki namespace is essentially the PHP message file on the wiki,
> plus any added customizations. The default messages are editable on PHP
> language files through SVN/bugzilla and on the wiki; the customized
> messages
> are editable only on the wiki. The default messages can be modified to
> reflect the customizations through a not-difficult procedure involving
> [[Special:Allmessages]].
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> Ayelie (Editor at Large) wrote:
> >
> > Darko, the main issue is that Commons admins have outlined how Yoni can
> > translate pages without having sysop access; he can add the translation
> to
> > the talk page of a protected page and add the {{editprotect}} template,
> or
> > he can post them on a subpage of his and ask an admin to add it to the
> > proper page.
> >
> > He has done NO translations to any of the pages he says he will
> translate
> if
> > he gets sysop rights, stating that it is a "waste of time" doing it in
> the
> > manner we have suggested. He wishes to be granted sysop rights
> immediately
> > despite the fact that he has not yet shown that he is a quality member
> of
> > the Commons community. If he had begun translations on talk pages and
> > subpages, made useful contributions, and participated in discussions as
> is
> > expected of administrator candidates then there would have been, by now
> or
> > in time, no problem with granting him sysop access if the community
> agreed.
> > However he instead chose to wait and do nothing, then bring people from
> > he.wikipedia to vote for him in hopes we would make him a sysop on our
> > project.
> >
> > Adminship on Commons is based on Commons contributions, and what the
> user
> > has already done and how they have proven to interact with the
> community.
> > Adminship elsewhere or the fact that you run a bot on another wiki does
> not
> > mean you automatically qualify to be an administrator on the Commons,
> where
> > our work deals mostly with copyrights and images.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Ayelie
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> >
> >
> Ayelie,
> The GUI messages can't be edited on project online (at least I am
> unaware of that - it could be big flaw in system ), only trough php
> file, Titoxd has posted link to SVN repository of current files. He need
> to modify that file to make translation without  sysop privilege.
> Personally fact that he didn't do any translations, dose not mean he
> will not . Everybody need to start some ware, and those files are there
> for reason so everybody can participate in translation of thing they
> like not someone like. You should show more friendly approach, and not
> to sound that dictative - as I am sure that is not your intention.
> As I sad I understand that you don't wish to give sysop to anybody, but
> I think that you all lost to much energy on explaining that instead to
> look for solution that was there all time (and some  didn't know about
> it). And that all leaded to untrusty atmosphere, which is not good. You
> look to birocracy like it will solve all problems, but it will not. I
> think that you all lost focus in this.
> I so also that someone has talked about "earning trust". I think that it
> is not good to put people in negative position at start, specially that
> this is Internet and this form of communication leave lot of space for
> miss-understanding.
> Please don't judge harsh on me, I just tried to help
> Darko
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