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We are not denying or accepting the fact that you deserve, could use, or
will be trusted with the tools.  We are denying the fact that you are
entitled to them and that you should discuss this with Wikimedia.  Sysop
powers are something that is given based on *local-community* trust.  If you
have hardly edited on that site, then you will not be given sysopship
because of a lack of trust in you.  Temporary adminship is only granted on
wikis that have *no local community*.

The only remote people who are capable of sysoping you on Commons are
stewards (and developers), but it is against the Steward policies to sysop
someone without community consensus when there is a local request page (and
devs would just tell you to ask the stewards).

I am sorry, but the only place that you can appeal the decision is Commons
itself, as we have told you many times.


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I disagree. I do admire the Hebrew admins but they have not translated the
site to my satifaction. There is a *lot* to be done, and if you would as
proof I can present you the Hebrew upload page - which is in English! This
page should be the first thing to be translated! This is the primary page! I
have no record of translation on commons because I plan on making this
record when I get the reasonable tools to translate the site.

The impression it should give you is that I work efficiantly. That's all. I
am already a trusted Wikiemdia user, there is no reason not to give me the
tools I need to translate the site. I don't understand you undeletion
comment. I want to translate the site. What does deletion have to do with

You and others wanted a trusted user, so I brought proof: Users from
he.wikivoted for me, among them the two Hebrew admins on commons and
the only
bureaucrat of he.wiki, David Shay himself. I have been an admin on
he.wikifor a year and half now, and I have made over 39,000 edits with
my bot on
that site. I am also one of the founders of Wikimedia Israel chapter (to be)
and I have an account on the foundation site for translations. I also
maintain (i.e. bureaucrat tools) the Wikimedia Israel's site,
http://il.wikimedia.org - Foundation members themselves gave me these rights
when I asked them to create the site. There is no doubt I will use the sysop
tools for translation purposes.

And yet, you reject me. This is outrageous. Editing protect pages is infact
a *tool*. I need this tool and for odd, unreasonable and non
relevent reasons I have been denide of these tools. I asked who I can appeal
to and I am still waiting for an answer.

2007/4/14, Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com>:
> On 4/14/07, Yoni Weiden <yonidebest at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I disagree. I think I am entitled to use the tools Wikimedia can offer
> in
> > order to translate the site. There is not reason to reject a temoprary
> > adminship, to say the least.
> > Yoni
> First off, you aren't ''entitled'' to anything, none of us are...
> However, I'm thrilled that we have another person who is interested in
> performing translations, and I would welcome your help.
> However, you have no established track record of translation on commons.
> There are a great many things which desperately need translation. For
> example, almost none of our featured pictures have descriptions in
> Hebrew.  You do not need adminship to make such translations.  On the
> other hand, most of the user interface is already translated and we
> already have several other hebrew speaking administrators who are
> pretty responsive at providing translations on request.
> For protected pages you can easily provide translations on talk pages,
> and other admins will gladly copy them in. Yet you are unwilling to do
> this because it is "less efficient".. What impression should that give
> us?  Will you start undeleting copyright infringing images because
> keeping them deleted is "less efficient"?  We can't tell because you
> lack a track record and have demonstrated a level of disinterest in
> working with the commons community.
> These concerns were pointed out during your previous RFA, and rather
> than correcting them you have decided to flood commons RFA with near
> total outsiders. This is unacceptable.
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