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You have to appeal to Commons itself. This is purely an internal community
matter, and the Foundation has stated previously that they do not want to
micro-manage the affairs of the diverse Wikimedia communities.

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I disagree. I do admire the Hebrew admins but they have not translated the
site to my satifaction. There is a *lot* to be done, and if you would as
proof I can present you the Hebrew upload page - which is in English! This
page should be the first thing to be translated! This is the primary page! I
have no record of translation on commons because I plan on making this
record when I get the reasonable tools to translate the site.

The impression it should give you is that I work efficiantly. That's all. I
am already a trusted Wikiemdia user, there is no reason not to give me the
tools I need to translate the site. I don't understand you undeletion
comment. I want to translate the site. What does deletion have to do with

You and others wanted a trusted user, so I brought proof: Users from
he.wikivoted for me, among them the two Hebrew admins on commons and
the only
bureaucrat of he.wiki, David Shay himself. I have been an admin on
he.wikifor a year and half now, and I have made over 39,000 edits with
my bot on
that site. I am also one of the founders of Wikimedia Israel chapter (to be)
and I have an account on the foundation site for translations. I also
maintain (i.e. bureaucrat tools) the Wikimedia Israel's site,
http://il.wikimedia.org - Foundation members themselves gave me these rights
when I asked them to create the site. There is no doubt I will use the sysop
tools for translation purposes.

And yet, you reject me. This is outrageous. Editing protect pages is infact
a *tool*. I need this tool and for odd, unreasonable and non
relevent reasons I have been denide of these tools. I asked who I can appeal
to and I am still waiting for an answer.

2007/4/14, Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com>:
> On 4/14/07, Yoni Weiden <yonidebest at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I disagree. I think I am entitled to use the tools Wikimedia can offer
> in
> > order to translate the site. There is not reason to reject a temoprary
> > adminship, to say the least.
> > Yoni
> First off, you aren't ''entitled'' to anything, none of us are...
> However, I'm thrilled that we have another person who is interested in
> performing translations, and I would welcome your help.
> However, you have no established track record of translation on commons.
> There are a great many things which desperately need translation. For
> example, almost none of our featured pictures have descriptions in
> Hebrew.  You do not need adminship to make such translations.  On the
> other hand, most of the user interface is already translated and we
> already have several other hebrew speaking administrators who are
> pretty responsive at providing translations on request.
> For protected pages you can easily provide translations on talk pages,
> and other admins will gladly copy them in. Yet you are unwilling to do
> this because it is "less efficient".. What impression should that give
> us?  Will you start undeleting copyright infringing images because
> keeping them deleted is "less efficient"?  We can't tell because you
> lack a track record and have demonstrated a level of disinterest in
> working with the commons community.
> These concerns were pointed out during your previous RFA, and rather
> than correcting them you have decided to flood commons RFA with near
> total outsiders. This is unacceptable.
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