[Foundation-l] **** OFF!

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Fri Oct 6 19:14:16 UTC 2006

>Well, come on over to the english wikipedia, where we work by consensus
>and where we have a rule called "ignore all rules". Of course, some
>people are working hard to undermine that and take control of the wiki,
>so ... well there you go. Maybe you can help me at least save
>en.wikipedia? :-)
English wikipedia was lost already at the time I discovered wikipedia in 
2003 (my god it is long ago). Unfortunately nl: is at the some point en: 
was in 2003 and it only gets worse. To many rulefetisjists and police 
officer wannabees who think they are enriching the project by telling 
other people to follow rules they thought up and putting templates 
everywhere. They offcourse do not write anything themselves, but they 
are laying down the law on the people who actually enrich the projects. 
I have written over 500 articles on nl: And have enough material for 
another 500 at least ...... (look at my long list of sources in my space 
on nl:) but I feel so much discouraged since the beginning of this year 
that I haven't contributed anything worthwhile in months. And it isn't 
getting better. All I see is 14-20 year olds coming and laying down 
their law and seeing wiki as a way to make a carreer.

We desperately need a refocus on all the bigger languages. Away from 
rulefetisjism and playing police officers and back to writing and 
sourcing articles. But in the current climate I only see things 

Seriously dissillusioned about the current state of the projects,

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