[Foundation-l] List Summary Service

Pat Gunn pgunn at dachte.org
Sun Oct 1 17:29:24 UTC 2006

Hey all,
I've started to summarise this list for people who don't want
to slog through the whole thing (and to make it easy for translators
to easily make foundation-l transparent to non-English speakers).
To get the swing of it, I summarised all of September in my first
go -- please see


If I've misrepresented you, please let me know -- I ask that you
do not directly edit it. I'm asking for comments on the following -
I anticipate settling down to doing this weekly.

1) Is it a good idea at all?
2) Is it formatted in a readable way? Should I format it differently?
3) Should I go into more or less detail on the longer discussions than
	I presently do?
4) Is it better that I host this on meta, someplace else on a WKF wiki,
	or on one of my servers? If I do host it on a WMF wiki, where
	should it land?
5) What would it take to get some translators interested?

Take care.

Pat Gunn
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